A Few Suggestions for a Pleasant Dinner

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It can feel quite paralysing when you are in a big city, full of great restaurants, and you do not know where to start looking for a good restaurant, never mind which one to choose. That is why we are offering you a few tips. If you want something more classic and traditional (something which is becoming a rarity these days), try El Cocinillas (Calle San Joaquín, 3), next to the famous Tipos Infames bookshop. This restaurant, which opened in 2010, has earned an excellent reputation since then and one of its strongest points is the actual restaurant, painted in white tones that make it very pleasant and comfortable to eat in. They have a varied menu with some excellent dishes, among which we recommend the baby cuttlefish with garlic as a starter and the lamb in honey sauce as a main course.

Yakitoro is a complete different options, based on Japanese taverns that serve grilled meats. it is owned by the famous TV chef Alberto Chicote and perhaps this is its main problem, because it is always full, even on a rainy Tuesday lunchtime in winter. However, there are many tables and things move on quickly. Prices range from 5 to 10 euros per dish, which allows you to try many different flavours in what is undoubtedly a unique culinary experience.

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Alice Never Dies

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The Tres Hermanas publishing house inaugurated their editorial career by publishing Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll last December in Madrid. There is something about this book that makes it timeless, a feeling showcased by the exhibition organised by Casa Encendida that exhibits up to 80 different copies of the famous novel first published in 1865.

It has been more than 150 years since that happy day and, since then, there have been endless editions of the book, many of which can be seen in the exhibition, the earliest being from the year 1900. Among the gems that we can find is one of the psychedelic volumes out of the 2,500 that were published from the edition commissioned to Salvador Dalí in 1969.

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Chipperfield, the charm of Minimalism

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Not as popular or high profile as Jean Nouvel, Norman Foster or Richard Rogers, David Chipperfield (London, 1953) is one of the architecture greats of the second half of the 20th century and the current one. For now, he is still to be awarded the Pritzker Prize but he does have the honour and prestige of being the only British architect to have been designated for the design of the brand-new Tate Modern in London. His style falls into Minimalism and he has works around the world, Spain included, such as the City of Justice in Barcelona or his unique homes in Villaverde.

The exhibition is called Essentials. David Chipperfield Architects, and it is a journey through Chipperfield’s works, from 1985 until today. Through more than 30 projects carried out in different cities, the visitor can discover his unique conception of architecture, space and design.

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Theatre to Counter the Autumn Melancholy

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Does autumn make you feel melancholic? Do you miss the heat and having a drink on the bar terraces? You can now forget about your worries with theatre and you will be able to forget the arrival of bad weather for at least two hours, since there are many plays you can go and watch. The one that is already sold out is Reykjavik by Juan Mayorga, so you will just have to go and find another one.

An alternative is Los Caciques, by Carlos Arniches, also part of the Centro Dramático Nacional, although this time it will be performed at Teatro María Guerrero. Labelled as a comedy sketch, it is true that Los Caciques is a bit of a mix-up comedy but also a subtle social critique of Spain back in the day, critical of the ’98 Generation and full of corruption and nepotism. Performances go on until November 22nd and tickets cost between 11 and 28 euros.

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Calçotades in Madrid

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calçots madridMadrid has always been a melting pot of cuisines from all over Spain and Catalan cuisine is no exception. Now that the cold is arriving so do the calçots, one of the most traditional and delicious products of Catalan gastronomy, accompanied by the famous romesco sauce. The calçot is like a long spring onion that is typical from the interior regions of Catalonia and it is cooked on the grill and then dipped in the sauce. In Madrid, you can enjoy it in restaurants such as La Huerta de Casa Ricardo (Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona, 5), where they even give you a bib to prevent any potential stains derived from eating them. As well as the star product, they also serve snails, grilled vegetables, excellent fish dishes and the classic crema catalana, the Catalan version of crème brûlée, all at affordable prices.

Another Catalan cuisine restaurant in the Spanish capital is Can Punyetes, which has two restaurants: one in the Habsburg district (Madrid de los Austrias), on Calle Señores de Luzón, 5, very close to our hotel in the center of Madrid; and the other in the Las Letras district, on Calle San Agustín, 9. Calçots season goes from November to April, although it may move forwards or backwards depending on the year, which should be no impediment to try products from this cuisine that is sometimes overshadowed by more striking cuisines such as the Basque and Galician.

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Literary Shopping in Madrid

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libros madridWhy not change, if only for a day, the classic “fast-fashion” consumerism made in China for a purchase, compulsive or non-compulsive, of a book? You will probably spend less and feel more beautiful inside. For many years now, the autumn second-hand book fair hasn’t taken place, a fair that precedes de Feria del Libro (Book Fair) in El Retiro, but this should not be an impediment to immerse yourself in permanent book fairs, also known as bookshops.

An option to start a bookshop tour of the city is La Fugitiva, on Calle Santa Isabel, 7, one of the most charming streets in the city. It is a café as well as a bookshop and here you can find many new books as well as classic titles. If you can’t decide which one to choose, you can always go for the homemade cakes in a quiet atmosphere, something as rare as it is pleasant.

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Prado Museum: Portraits and Rescues

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retratos madrazoThe Prado Museum inaugurates its autumn season with two temporary exhibitions that some may deem discreet or not very flashy if compared with other massive ones dedicated to Sorolla. However, they are not less interesting. Let’s see two of the most attractive ones programmed for the new season.

The first one is titled ‘Effigies Amicorum. Portraits of artists by Federico de Madrazo (1815-1894)‘. And so, who was Federico de Madrazo? He was a highly influential author back in his time, famous for the quality of his paintings but also for having important positions, such as the Manager of the San Fernando Fine Arts Academy (a museum that we recommend you visit, just one minute away from Puerta del Sol).

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We know you want to: Try the Segway

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Segway MadridYou have probably seen it around the streets of Madrid and other European capitals. Segways are those motorised vehicles that run on two large wheels, and there are many companies in Madrid that offer rental services of this peculiar transport. One of them is Madrid-Segway, which offers tours for prices that range from 25 to 59 euros. The Essential Madrid Tour costs 25 euros and comprises a guided tour around the city centre, with stops in emblematic places such as Puerta del Sol, San Miguel Market or Palacio Real.

General tours cost 35 euros for 90 minutes and 59 euros for 150 minutes. These tours cover a comprehensive amount of ground and also go to green spaces such as Madrid Río and offer nice touches like a free tapa in San Miguel market.

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Enjoy the Best Fresh Pasta

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Pasta fresca madridMadrid isn’t Naples but it has some excellent Italian cuisine to offer. Here are a few places that you can visit that also make one of Italian cuisine’s most exquisite dishes: fresh pasta.

At Ouh Babbo (Calle de Caños del Peral, next to Opera and very close to our hotel in downtown Madrid) you will find a restaurant with plenty of character. Its owner, singer and actor Bruno Squarcia, is the host and offers a traditional Italian music repertoire on Thursdays that cannot be missed. When it comes to the fresh pasta, make sure you try its out-of-menu speciality tartufone de Bruno, made with fresh pasta, grated white truffle and Parmesan cheese. It costs 20 euros but it’s a delicious dish that is well worth ordering.

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The Best Evenings with a Beer in Hand

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atardecer madridWhen the day ends, when the sun sets… there is no specific word in Spanish but it’s the best time to relax. After a long day of summer heat, the thermometers go down and you can enjoy the pleasure of sipping on a beer in any of the many great spots in Madrid.

One of them has a terrace on Paseo de Pintor Rosales, El Molino de los Porches, which looks out onto Parque del Oeste. It is the point where the sun goes down the latest so you can enjoy a sunset that is longer than anywhere else in the city, accompanied by the pleasure of having atomized water sprinkled onto you. Here you can have a good beer and a bite to eat near the stunning Temple of Debod, whose magnificence you can admire from the outside once you finish your drinks.

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