Historical Madrid

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor (square)

This is the real heart of Madrid. The agora seems to have a life of its own, acting as a model for the city and undoubtedly the best thermometer of Madrid society.

King Felipe II commissioned Juan de Herrera for the project to remodel the square in 1580, but it was Felipe III in 1617 who entrusted the completion of works to Juan Gómez de Mora, who finished the construction in the year 1619.

Madrid de los Austrias

Madrid de los Austrias (district)

Also known as the Barrio de los Austrias (Austrias district), this area is the result of a primitive medieval treaty of the city and the urban expansion launched by the House of Austria from the time of the reigns of Carlos I and Felipe II, who in the year 1561 definitively set up the Court in Madrid.