Hotel free internet wifi Madrid

The HOTEL MODERNO of Madrid offers free internet wifi all around the hotel knowing that nowadays everybody needs internet.

Free wifi Internet is now one of the most important things all around the globe and our hotel didn’t want to forget about this fact.

Free internet wifi offers the possibility of surfing the web in every area of the hotel, whether it is with your laptop or using our free wifi internet computers.The free wifi internet technology is a tool that will help all internet addicts and executives in their everyday life, allowing you to search everything you need without having to need cables or wires.

Hotel free internet wifi Madrid

Are you lost in Madrid with no free wifi intenet connection? Thanks to this map you will be able to know where to find free wifi internet connection all around the city, near our hotel, in cafes, hotels and special free wifi internet areas as our hotel. In our hotel, as you know, you will be able to use the free wifi internet everytime you want but as you probably wont stay in our establishment during the whole of your visit to Madrid, we thought it would be useful to show you more free internet wifi areas in Madrid, for you to be able to go around Madrid knowing where to stop to surf the web, search for useful things or just try the free internet wifi in every single cafe in Madrid. you wont find all the free wifi spots in the area, but we have offered at least 20.

Wifi free internet gifts you can buy near hotel in Madrid

Whether you are planning to visit the hotel in Christmas or during any other period, here we offer you some advice over what free wifi internet gifts you can buy for your family or friends:

Wifi free Internet Mobile: 20 years ago having a mobile wasnt trendy, and thinking about free wifi internet mobiles was a dream. Today, with every free wifi internet mobile you can search the web, view maps, chat and more.

Free Wifi Internet Camera: With a free internet wifi camera you can take your photos and upload them directly into your social network, email or else.

It is an interesting tool that migt help you if you are a photographer.

Free wifi Internet Booklet:Witout a doubt it is the best thing you can buy for somebody. There are smaller that laptops, with better wifi and longer batteries.

Ebook: Nobody likes to see how your favorite book brakes up. With this free wifi internet Ebook you will be able to search for books online, read the newspaper, etc.

Hootel Free wifi Internet Madrid tip: You can buy all this in FNAC, just a few steps away from our hotel in Madrid, between Preciados street and Carmen.