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A tour of Madrid’s top crêperies

By | 15 September, 2023 | 0 comments

Ooh la la! Today we delve into French gastronomy with one of its best known, most popular dishes: crêpes. A dish that can be enjoyed in both sweet and savoury versions, it is also a favourite with the younger members of the family. Will you join us on our journey?

Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

Prep’ La Crêpe

As they say themselves, these are ‘les meilleures crêpes du monde’ (‘the best crêpes in the world’), all made according to the Breton recipe and using natural ingredients. The wide variety of savoury crêpes (better known as galettes) on offer features the ‘Madame’ (ham, cheddar, tomato and egg), and the spinach crêpe with garlic, cream and butter. 

Also on offer are what are known as gourmet crêpes, among which you can’t miss the Burger (cheddar cheese, Galician beef, onion, mayonnaise and ketchup) or the Norwegian (cheddar cheese, salmon, potato, cream and basil leaves). Among the sweet crêpes, the classic, with butter and sugar, or the Nutella version, are not to be missed. And for those with an extra-sweet tooth, there is the Crêpe de la Abuela, with chocolate, Lotus biscuit and condensed milk!

La Rue

La Rue is a little slice of Paris in the heart of Madrid. Its history began 8 years ago as a small take-away joint, only to move later to larger premises in the heart of the Chueca neighbourhood. They offer more than 30 varieties of crêpe, both sweet and savoury, to the accompaniment of French music.

Among the savoury versions, known as Breton galettes, you will find surprising combinations the likes of Laura (egg, apple compote, roast chicken and sultanas), Alfredo (egg, salmon, passion fruit vinaigrette and rocket), or Isabelita (hummus, feta cheese, sesame and rocket), while among the sweet version, in addition to the traditional crêpe, you will find Carmen (strawberry, banana, honey and mango ice cream) and Dridri (baileys and dulce de leche ice cream). 


The owners hail from the Breton town of Saint-Malo and offer authentic savoury buckwheat galettes as well as sweet wheat crêpes of French Brittany. The menu features Breton crêperie classics such as ham and Emmental, or blue cheese and walnut crêpes. The chef also offers other surprising creations, however, such as Josephine (fresh burrata with homemade onion confit and Dijon mustard sauce), Rose (grilled vegetables, free-range egg, tomato and green herb sauce) and Simone (mozzarella di bufala, tomato, mortadella, truffled cream and rocket). Go on, check out their menu and try something new.

Among the sweet versions, in addition to the better-known classics, we recommend Adèle (fruits of the forest, dark chocolate and dark chocolate ice cream) and Jade (blueberry fruit salad with mascarpone cheese and honey).

Three ideas that will transport us to French Brittany without leaving Madrid. Did you know them?

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