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Where to find the best ‘patatas bravas’ in Madrid

By | 10 November, 2023 | 0 comments

If there’s one tapa that’s a must for any Madrileño (Madrilenian), that is patatas bravas, a dish that doesn’t seem complicated, but is actually not that easy to prepare. Today we take a look at the best ones in Madrid.

Rosi la Loca

Photo from TeleMadrid

In the heart of the city centre, the patatas bravas in this restaurant have been elected the second best in Spain. The creator of these bravas is chef Javier Alfaro, and one of their secrets is that they are made using a dual frying process, the first requiring sautéing at 120 degrees so the potatoes get soft inside, then hot frying at 180 degrees to get them crispy on the outside. They are also accompanied by a spicy homemade ‘bravas’ sauce. The jury said of them, ‘they have a lot of flavour and are spicy, crunchy on the outside and buttery on the inside’.

La Maruca

Known as ‘La Maruca’s bravas’, this dish is one of the most popular on the house menu. These bravas are sautéed before frying to achieve the perfect texture, then accompanied by two sauces, brava and aioli. The final touch is crispy fried onion that goes on top to give them a delicious crunch.

Las Bravas

In the heart of the city centre, Las Bravas is one of the most popular places in Madrid to try this dish. The recipe is backed by more than 80 years’ experience and characterised by a quality product that is the perfect combination of a unique brava sauce and potatoes fried to perfection.


Bravas are the house speciality and the restaurant’s origins date back to the mid-20th century. While the house recipe for Salsa Brava is a secret, the main ingredients are spicy smoked paprika, onion, wheat flour and vinegar, all combined to create a flavour reminiscent of the traditional Salsa Brava of Madrid of yesteryear.

Four restaurants where you can try one of the most traditional and favourite dishes in Spanish cuisine. Where’s your favourite place for Patatas Bravas?

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