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The best escape rooms in Madrid for children

By | 20 October, 2023 | 0 comments

A closed room, a group of people, a multitude of puzzles and riddles, and one hour to achieve the final objective, to escape from a room. These are the ingredients of one of the most popular activities to emerge in recent years: the escape room. Today we take a look at the best ones in the capital for children, the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or a unique afternoon with friends.


Aventurico Ventas

Aventurico Ventas offers as many as 10 different games for children between 6 and 11 years old, though several of them are suitable for the whole family. The favourites for the younger ones are Alice and the Key of Time, where the little ones have to discover who has stolen time from Wonderland, or Magic Academy, where there has been a confrontation between good and evil and the only way to fight it is by finding the philosopher’s stone.

While most of the games are for a maximum of 8 people, they also offer the Magic Elf Mission Gymkhana for a maximum of 16 people, a magic college where children have to work as a team to overcome various adventures and tests of skill. And if you’re celebrating a birthday, you can also hire the Snack Room, where they offer a selection of snacks.


Coco Room

Here they offer as many as 8 games designed for the little ones. Located near Embajadores, it’s perfect for Harry Potter fans, as it has an activity dedicated to the young wizard, The Magic (Platform 9 ¾), an escape Hall in which you don’t have to escape from a room, but have to solve the same riddles as in an escape game in order to win. It also has a family oriented game called Crazy Family, where you have to solve a series of tests to prevent Dr. Crazy from getting away with it.

Other not to be missed escape rooms at Coco Room are La Calavera Perdida (The Lost Skull), in which the objective is to recover Goya’s lost skull, and Explorers in Cairo, another Escape Hall in which we have to save the treasures of ancient Egypt before they fall into the hands of mercenaries. Most of their games are for children between 9 and 12 years old and as many as 12 children can participate.

Both of these escape rooms offer a variety of games where the youngest members of the family can test their ability to solve the most difficult puzzles.

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