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Alicia nunca muere

By | 10 December, 2015 | 0 comments

The Tres Hermanas publishing house inaugurated their editorial career by publishing Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll last December in Madrid. There is something about this book that makes it timeless, a feeling showcased by the exhibition organised by Casa Encendida that exhibits up to 80 different copies of the famous novel first published in 1865.

It has been more than 150 years since that happy day and, since then, there have been endless editions of the book, many of which can be seen in the exhibition, the earliest being from the year 1900. Among the gems that we can find is one of the psychedelic volumes out of the 2,500 that were published from the edition commissioned to Salvador Dalí in 1969.

The exhibition commissioner, Inma Carroquino, has always loved the world of Alice and started collecting these precious books since the early days of the Internet and American auction websites.

The exhibition allows you to discover the world that Lewis Carroll created for his Alice, evoking another Alice although a real one this time, Alice Liddell, but also learn about the history of illustration, its evolution and the different styles and materials used throughout the different editions. The exhibition, with free entry, will be open until January 5th and it will coexist alongside other temporary exhibitions, just as interesting, such as Book of hours by José María Larrondo. This exhibition allows you to see the work of an active artist whose style is hard to pin down, considered one of the masters of Seville’s Figuration movement and owner of an oneiric and evocative world that Lewis Carroll himself would have probably enjoyed.

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