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Teatro para combatir el otoño

By | 28 October, 2015 | 0 comments

Does autumn make you feel melancholic? Do you miss the heat and having a drink on the bar terraces? You can now forget about your worries with theatre and you will be able to forget the arrival of bad weather for at least two hours, since there are many plays you can go and watch. The one that is already sold out is Reykjavik by Juan Mayorga, so you will just have to go and find another one.

An alternative is Los Caciques, by Carlos Arniches, also part of the Centro Dramático Nacional, although this time it will be performed at Teatro María Guerrero. Labelled as a comedy sketch, it is true that Los Caciques is a bit of a mix-up comedy but also a subtle social critique of Spain back in the day, critical of the ’98 Generation and full of corruption and nepotism. Performances go on until November 22nd and tickets cost between 11 and 28 euros.

In a completely different genre we find Al Galope, a scenic biopic on the figure of Diana Vreeland, an influential fashion journalist known as The Divine who cut out her career in New York in the 20th century. A regular writer of publications like Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue, she represents the prototype of successful women yet condemned to a mundane and excessive life. Performances start from October 15th at Teatro Español, with tickets starting at 13.50 euros.

Musical lovers have their spot with El Cabaret de hombres perdidos, which is part of the Otoño a Primavera Festival. What is it about? It is about a place where everything is possible when it seems that nothing is worth it. Winner of different international awards such as the Hugo Awards, it is considered a cult musical. Make sure you see it for yourself. You have time until November 8th, with tickets starting at 11.50 euros.

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