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3 must-see exhibitions in Madrid

By | 1 July, 2019 | 0 comments

Madrid is culture and the variety of cultural events on offer in the city is enormous. In this post, we bring you three original and charming exhibitions you can see over the next few months in the capital. Don’t miss them.

Alberto Giacometti in the Museo del Prado

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As part of its bicentenary celebrations and with the support of the Swiss Embassy, the Museo del Prado is presenting ‘Giacometti in the Museo del Prado’ and exhibition on one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Alberto Giacometti was born into an artistic environment in Switzerland and he began drawing and sculpting at a very young age, but it wasn’t until the age of 40 that he started developing his most unique and characteristic style.

This exhibition, which can be visited until 7 July, is a posthumous tour of the artist’s sculptures through the main galleries in the Prado. The 20 exhibited works (18 sculptures and 2 oil paintings) come from both public and national and international private collections.

Tetsuya Ishida

The work of Japanese artist Tetsuya Ishida puts a face to the unease of contemporary Japanese society, a generation marked by technological advances and financial and housing crises that submerged Japan into deep recession. With a professional career spanning just ten years, the Japanese artists produces interesting work centred around the themes of isolation and alienation.

In this exhibition, which will run until 8th September, you can witness the metamorphosis of the human body as it merges with different insects, technological devices and means of transport.

Kafka, el visionario

After visiting Berlin and Leipzig, ‘Kafka, el visionario’ (Kafka, the visionary) arrives in Madrid’s Centro Sefarad to present a new view of the mysterious figure of the author of The Metamorphosis. Franz Kafka was an Austro-Hungarian novelist of Jewish origin and is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in world literature.

This collection of paintings is marked by dramatic symbolism that attempts to unveil the life of one of the most relevant authors in world history. All the paintings are work of the Spanish artist Sofia Gandarias. The exhibition is open until 30 August.

Three different exhibitions that introduce us to the works of three masters of paint and sculpture. If you want to come to Madrid to see them, check out the offers available at Hotel Moderno.

*Image taken from the Museo del Prado website.

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