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4 things you can only do in Madrid

By | 13 September, 2019 | 0 comments

Madrid is a city that hides many unique and surprising secrets that are part of the history of the Spanish capital. If you want to enjoy experiences that are really different and that you couldn’t do in any other city in the world, read on!

Eat in the oldest restaurant

Restaurante Botín

Madrid is lucky to have the oldest restaurant in the world. With more than 294 years of history, the Botín restaurant in the Plaza Mayor is a benchmark for the finest Madrid cuisine. The menu includes delicious roast dishes such as suckling pig and lamb, but the most popular dishes are the Botín clams, Botín salad, squid in its ink, house-style scrambled eggs or the Botín sirloin steak. And to finish in style, don’t miss the Botín tart or the white chocolate cheesecake. 

Enjoy the best flamenco in the most famous tablao

The art of flamenco is very popular in Spain and also very much appreciated abroad. And although it is more typical of the south of Spain, the most famous tablao venue is in Madrid. El Corral de la Morería was inaugurated in 1956 and since then all of the best flamenco artists have been through here, including Pastora Imperio, La Chunga, Manuela Vargas or Antonio Gades. In addition, you can also enjoy a delicious dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant led by chef David García. 

Enjoy a coffee in the same bar as Lorca

Café Gijón is one of the most popular cafés among writers in Madrid. The tables here saw the famous poet Federico García Lorca enjoy long afternoons, along with other artists such as Benito Pérez Galdós, Ramón y Cajal or Valle-Inclán. 

Visit a museum for a mouse

And not just any old mouse, this museum is for Ratoncito Perez, the little mouse that is the Spanish version of the Tooth Fairy. This is a magic museum where kids can learn more about the history of the most famous mouse in Spain. Discover the mouse’s office, a world map with the places where he works and, above all, lots and lots of teeth, some of them donated by very well-known people.

Four hidden secrets in Madrid that provide unique experiences.

*Photo from the Botín Restaurant website.

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