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Bars, such special places

By | 27 October, 2016 | 0 comments

They say that the street with the most bars per square metre in Europe is in Madrid, more specifically in the Las Letras district: Calle Echegaray. Precisely on this straight-line street is where Madrid’s latest cool spot is: Salmón Gurú, at number 21. You will understand its success just by stepping inside: beautiful people and a decoration that swings from retro to hipster, more inclined to luxury than to the “friendly tackiness” that you can find in other popular spots such as La Realidad. At Salmón Gurú, they also offer a cocktail menu with 25 different classic options, some of them with a chic champagne touch that will make you feel like you’re in a New York club in the 70s, although with a more modern vocation. It’s also the ideal place to follow up a romantic meal.

On the same street, albeit in a completely different style, is another bar with just as much character if not more: La Venencia, located at number 7. This place preserves the charm of traditional Andalusian taverns from the late Nineteenth century, ideal for a few finos, amontillados and manzanillas accompanied by tapas of mojama or cheese.

With a similar Spanish-bar atmosphere although slightly more Twentieth century is Vinícola Mentridana, located in Antón Martín and offering the best essence of Madrid. This tavern gathers some of the best aspects of the Spanish capital, including tapas of cheese and Iberian cold cuts accompanied by an excellent selection of wines. What more can you ask for?

Those who are looking for something really exotic and an extreme experience to boot can try Ice Bar, a place located on Calle Conde de Romanones, 3, a stone’s throw from Plaza Tirso de Molina. This bar never has trouble stocking up ice cubes but don’t worry about getting pneumonia since they provide you with appropriate clothing so you don’t feel the cold. Tickets cost 15 euros per person and include a drink. Enjoy.


Interior de Salmón Gurú

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