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Prepare for an action-packed afternoon at these 3 escape rooms

By | 16 October, 2018 | 0 comments

Finding your way out of the room before you get caught by a zombie, stepping into Harry Potter‘s shoes to sneak out of the ‘potion room’ and make it to the season’s most important Quidditch match, or recreating the most famous robbery on Spanish TV this year at Casa de la Moneda… Reality or fiction?

We assure you it really is possible. There are three escape rooms in Madrid waiting for you to live these great experiences!

escape room_ok


The Harry Potter fan escape room

This themed escape room is brought to you by Los Escapistas. Get ready to become a real wizard. A teacher has erased you and your classmates’ memory and has locked you up in the potion room. This is no mere coincidence! There is just one hour to go before the most important Quidditch match of the season and you have been training really hard to win. You have only got 60 minutes to escape the potion room by using everything you’ve learnt this year. The challenge is designed for 2 to 6 wizards. Ready to claim a victory for good magic?

Relive the grand robbery

Will you manage to get away with a €2.4 billion loot? Step into the shoes of characters Tokio, Nairobi or Berlín from the famous Spanish series La Casa de Papel and prepare for a unique adventure in one of Europe’s biggest escape rooms. Where? The Wizink Center. When? As from 6 October.

The scene is set with some of the main props and scenery from the series, like the red telephone the Professor uses to contact the robbers. Dress up in the unmistakable red jumpsuits worn by the hostages and robbers in this thrilling story. If you want to make it out of Casa de la Moneda with billions in your pocket, you have 75 minutes to solve the clues and open the vault.

Locked in with a zombie

The most terrifying escape room we dare to recommend. You will need a courageous or crazy team of at least 4 people and no more than 12. Brace yourself to get locked into a lab with a zombie in chains. In just 60 minutes, you and your team will need all your wits about you to get away before the zombie eats you alive! As if the pressure weren’t enough, the zombie will slowly be cutting loose from the chains as the clock ticks away.

Feel brave enough to take on these super special challenges? Put all your skills to the test to make it out of these escape rooms before time runs out.

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