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Fun shops in Madrid

By | 14 February, 2020 | 0 comments

Madrid is a city with a wide range of leisure and cultural activities to offer, but it also hides several strange and curious shops you would be hard pressed to find in any other city in Spain. If you are a Potterhead, into espionage or simply want to spend some time surrounded by weird and wonderful objects, keep reading. 

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

Callejón Madriagon, a shop dedicated to the world of Harry Potter

Fans of the world’s most famous book saga about teenage wizards, Harry Potter, are in luck. In Madrid they will find a shop dedicated exclusively to The Boy Who Lived. The shop, called El Callejón Madriagon, is in X-Madrid, a shopping centre in Alcorcón. Here are many magical objects like the Nimbus 2000, wands, books and clothes. You will probably find anything you are looking for, as the shop contains more than 200 m2 of pure merchandising. 

Espadrilles at Casa Hernanz

Espadrilles are in, so if you’re looking for a place where you can buy a pair for this summer, this is the place for you. In the heart of La Latina is Casa Hernanz, which for more than 150 years has made and sold this type of shoe. They have espadrilles in a wide range of colours, catering to all tastes and styles.

Curiosity Shop, the oddest of shops 

As its name suggest, this shop mostly contains curious stuff. Located on C/ Latoneros, in the district of La Latina, they sell decorative toys, as well as many curiosities from ages past, including music boxes, snow globes, paperweights, clocks and umbrellas, among other things. We highly recommend you drop in – you’re bound to find something to pique your curiosity.

La tienda del espía, become the next 007

Here you will find all the gadgets you need to become a real-life spy. From video surveillance equipment like hidden cameras to different ways to make your phone safer or many fun spy-themed gifts. They also offer P.I. services and espionage courses. Dare you enter?

These are our four suggestions for places where you can shop or buy original gifts with which to surprise your significant other or friends. And even if you don’t end up buying anything, at least you will have had a good time. 

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