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Dale a la mejor pasta fresca

By | 5 August, 2015 | 0 comments

Pasta fresca madridMadrid isn’t Naples but it has some excellent Italian cuisine to offer. Here are a few places that you can visit that also make one of Italian cuisine’s most exquisite dishes: fresh pasta.

At Ouh Babbo (Calle de Caños del Peral, next to Opera and very close to our hotel in downtown Madrid) you will find a restaurant with plenty of character. Its owner, singer and actor Bruno Squarcia, is the host and offers a traditional Italian music repertoire on Thursdays that cannot be missed. When it comes to the fresh pasta, make sure you try its out-of-menu speciality tartufone de Bruno, made with fresh pasta, grated white truffle and Parmesan cheese. It costs 20 euros but it’s a delicious dish that is well worth ordering.

In the heart of Barrio de las Letras there is a pleasant place decorated in red tones and with plenty of Italian essence: Come Prima (Calle Echegaray, 27). It serves delicious fresh pasta dishes, such as the giant ravioli with mushroom sauce or the linguini with amatriciana sauce. Its tiramisu, with a nice amaretto on the side, is another of its strong points.

Mercato Ballaró (Calle Santa Engracia, 24) has only just opened and it is a pleasant restaurant with two floors. The ground floor is more informal and serves smaller servings; the upper floor is for more formal dining. They serve traditional Sicilian cuisine, managed by the owners of another charming Italian restaurant, La Tavernetta (Calle Orellana, 17). If you come here and fancy some fresh pasta, you are going to love the ravioli filled with figs and shallot sauce or the trofie al pesto, made with the mortar and pestle.

If your devotion to fresh pasta is so big that you are ready to go all the way to Alcobendas, Romano Ristorante is the place for you.

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