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Inmersión en el vino

By | 3 June, 2014 | 0 comments

vino en madrid‘In vino veritatis’, they used to say in Latin. The truth lies in wine. Perhaps, though, it is true that pleasure in wine is greater if one knows all of its details, if one gets to enjoy its nuances, the type of grape, the flavours, the aromas… That is why there are many wine tasting schools emerging in Madrid that allow wine lovers to immerse themselves in this culture.

Without wanting to go too much into detail but rather to enjoy a new experience and touch base with the wine-tasting world, a good idea would be to join the daylong tastings offered by different institutions. One of them is La Fisna, on Calle Doctor Fourquet, which has wine tastings on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm.

They take place in small groups (minimum six people) and they consist in a theoretical and practical approach to the tasting methodology. For that, you try four bottles of wine, two reds and two whites, in a session that ends with a small aperitif. Aroma, flavours, textures and an entertaining approach is the characteristics of the tasting, since the purpose here is to have a good time. The price per person is of 25 euros and the tasting lasts for two hours.

In another area of Madrid, at the busy Plaza de Olavide, you can find Bar Vino y Compañía, which offers a similar tasting to La Fisna, although in this case, as well as the two reds and whites, they add two sparkling ones (cava and champagne). The price is also 25 euros per person and the sessions can take place any day of the week. They also offer more specific tastings, such as the mixture of wine and cheeses (from France and Italy).

Later on, with all of this knowledge, you can freely go to any of the many bars that has a good wine list in Madrid and show what you have learned. An excellent suggestion is Vinopremier, on Calle Valverde 29, which has a good selection of wines at interesting prices, which you can also combine with cold Iberian cuts and quality cheeses with intense flavours. Also, the place sells wine and the corkage is for free, so you can drink in the shop itself paying shop prices for it.

And to enjoy some rest after a day of wine and tapas in Madrid, what better than doing it in a central hotel like ours, located a stone’s throw from the Puerta del Sol.

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