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Madreat, cultura con sabor

By | 15 May, 2015 | 0 comments

madreatIf there is something that locals and tourists agree about Madrid, is that the city is a place open to any kind of trend. Madreat is one of those initiatives that push Madrid to become more and more similar to other cities that are more avant-garde in culture and leisure such as New York, Berlin or London.

Madreat, an essential event in Madrid’s gastronomic calendar, is a street market, a fashion that started in Los Angeles and that has slowly established itself in all European capitals. Madreat takes place every third weekend of the month at the AZCA complex, a unique urban and architectonic framework that is Madrid’s financial centre during weekdays.

In Madreat you can find all kinds of food trucks of different colours and flavours, since the intention of the organisers is to put together all the city’s trends so that people can walk around and choose the one they want. All in all, there are more than 40 brands there, such as Puntapié, Goiko Grill,  MO’SMOKE, Diwali or San Wich, which bring is the culinary essence of places like Asia, India, Italy, Mexico or Chile. And best of all, always with the best quality and design, no greasy food allowed.

Nevertheless, Madreat doesn’t just sell food: it sells an experience. Each of the food trucks are a work of art in themselves with a vintage twist. The place is discreetly decorated with garlands and the music, sometimes live, mixes with the noises from the kitchens and the electric generators. The experience, it must be said, does not have the comfort of a restaurant. Queues are rife and there is usually more people than places to sit. However, that’s also part of the game and of street-market culture. It is advisable to bring a blanket and perhaps even some cushions because you will most likely end up eating on the floor.

The next edition of Madreat will be on the weekend of June 19th. To get there, get off at Nuevos Ministerios on the Metro and eat away!

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