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Madrid, crisol de las españas gastronómicas

By | 15 September, 2014 | 0 comments

gastronomia españaJust like that great theme park in Barcelona, Poble Espanyol, Madrid is also a melting pot of the different parts of Spain. Let’s follow that plurality through the different regional culinary schools that are located in the city.

A melting point of immigrants from other less rich regions, cuisines from far-away places like León flourished in Madrid. Close to Calle San Bernardo, on Calle Cruz Verde, 16, you can find El Boñar de León. Nobody should expect fine dining in a place that does not stand out for its decoration but rather for its generous, almost excessive, free rations that accompany the tapas. It is ideal for days that you do not feel like spending a lot of money and are not in the mood for subtleties. The cocido stew is immense in quantity and the cold cuts, traditional from León, are also an interesting choice. However, remember that this is not the kind of place that you would want to propose to your girlfriend, as it’s not the most refined place in the world.

From Leon to Andalusia, to Casa de Granada, recently rejuvenated. Located on the sixth floor of Calle Doctor Cortezo, 17, close to Tirso de Molina, it now offers a more modern aspect in its interior, although its true value lays in the terrace and in its views of old Madrid. It is the ideal place to try some Alhambra beer from Granada accompanied by the customary tapa or ración. It is known for its terrace with a view of the rooftops of the city centre, a trait that it shares with Hotel Moderno, with a fantastic terrace from where you can see everything that is going in in the centre  of Madrid.

No region goes unrepresented in Madrid and Extremadura is no exception. In the two establishments of Taberna de Conspiradores (Cava Baja, 7; and Moratín, 33) they serve cuisine from Extremadura that its owners qualify as “surprising”. A variety of cheeses, like the creamy and traditional Torta del Casar, pork dishes, marinated pork loin and a series of chorizos and Iberian cold cuts surprise the visitors for their texture and how they melt in your mouth. The level of commitment that its owners put into it, with personal touches and good music, give it a soulful atmosphere that you cannot find in the typical tourist franchises.

And we finish this regional gastronomic tour of our multifaceted Spain in El Caldero, in the central Calle Huertas, 15. It is a place with a hefty menu where you can sample, among other specialities, the seafood fideuà and the delicious and minimalistic rice dish arroz caldero.

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