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Museo del Prado: retratos y rescates

By | 1 September, 2015 | 0 comments

retratos madrazoThe Prado Museum inaugurates its autumn season with two temporary exhibitions that some may deem discreet or not very flashy if compared with other massive ones dedicated to Sorolla. However, they are not less interesting. Let’s see two of the most attractive ones programmed for the new season.

The first one is titled ‘Effigies Amicorum. Portraits of artists by Federico de Madrazo (1815-1894)‘. And so, who was Federico de Madrazo? He was a highly influential author back in his time, famous for the quality of his paintings but also for having important positions, such as the Manager of the San Fernando Fine Arts Academy (a museum that we recommend you visit, just one minute away from Puerta del Sol).

Member of a family of artists, the 200th anniversary of his birth has become the perfect pretext to discover his relatively unknown work, focused on one of his specialities: the portrait. This Spanish artist born in Rome had a sober, realist and delicate style. He painted in the chamber of Queen Isabel II and they say that melancholy comes out of his brushes comparable to that of other artists like Ribera. You can see the exhibition from the 22nd of September until the 10th of January.

And still discovering artists silenced by history, the Prado Museum also exhibits the works of Luis de Morales in the exhibition “The Divine Morales”. Contemporary of artists such as El Greco, he enjoyed success that can only be compared to the one El Greco enjoyed during his life. Dozens of works left his workshop, works that were later to be reproduced by other artists and fans of De Morales, contributing to a consecration that reaches us in the shape of this exhibition.

One-hundred years after the first exhibition dedicated to these artists, the Prado Museum is reaching into its depths to exhibit 23 religious works from the Renaissance, although they have a personal touch that attentive spectators will appreciate. Come and see this exhibition from the 1st of October until the 10th of January while you stay in our hotel with terrace in the centre of Madrid.

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