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¡Al rico sándwich!

By | 13 February, 2015 | 0 comments

sandwichIt’s probable that films like #Chef, which praises the art of the sandwich in all of its splendour with the speciality of the Cuban sandwich, made with love and a soft mixture of meat, cheeses and sauce, have increased the value of the normal, traditional sandwich. In any case, in Madrid there are many places that are starting to appear and in which the sandwich stops being just any normal kind of dish and becomes the star of the menu.

One of these places is Crumb, on Conde Duque, 8, where you can choose among different types of home-baked bread with interesting fillings. In this world of the mega-offer, we are grateful for its limited menu, which includes only eight types of sandwich, always accompanied by potato side dishes, sweet potato or salad. One of their best sandwiches is the sardine sandwich with tapenade, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and mayo, although another excellent option is the oriental roast beef one, with rocket, cherry tomatoes, pickles and a sauce that mixes mayo and mustard. Delicious.

Not far from there, on Calle del Pez in Malasaña, we come across Zombie Bar, a hipster bar with an excellent sandwich menu that highlights the Milanese chicken with avocado, rocket and honey mustard, although its hamburgers are also worthy of trying. The place also offers some interesting modern details such as the double beer served in a crystal beer glass (with handle).

Another place you must not forget to visit is San Wich, on Calle Hortaleza, 78, considered sandwich paradise. It is a small bar that specialises in Chilean sandwiches, of which they have a large variety. The classic ones are the shredded beef or the chacarero, all of them made with fresh homemade bread, Chilean style. Those who have been there always go back. The best part is the quality of the sandwiches and the burgers; the worst is the small size of the place. It’s best to go during the week from Monday to Friday.

The sandwich is a gastronomic option that has evolved with time and has shown that it can also reach a gourmet category. Fancy coming on a sandwich route in Madrid? Stay at Hotel Moderno Puerta del Sol and enjoy excellent value for money in the best location in the city. Bon appetite!

Photo: Tamorlan via Wikimedia Commons. Licencia CC 3.0.

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