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Gastronomía castiza madrileña: un valor al alza

By | 19 November, 2014 | 0 comments

Cocido madrileñoThe cold makes us want to try some cocido, although a true local from Madrid can eat it no matter what time of the year it is. Although apparently simple and with an unknown origin, the cocido is a dish from Madrid that is surrounded by liturgy and tradition, whose recipe has been improved after being passed down the generations ladder.

A great restaurant to enjoy a nice cocido, in a traditional atmosphere and without paying a small fortune, is Casa Jacinto, a restaurant close to the Senate and whose waiters are dressed in old-fashioned white with a broad smile on their faces. For 12 euros per person approximately, you can have a generous serving of cocido, and you will not need another one. It is worth booking a table in advance, since the restaurant fills up with its regular customs. Undoubtedly, a sure culinary victory for all visitors.

La Taberna del Bola enjoys a more international reputation, with all the good and bad things that it brings, since it does have a somewhat ‘touristy’ flavour to it and the service can be less personalised than in other restaurants. Here, the cocido is the only course you will need, and do not bother if you do not like or are allergic to chickpeas. Just like in Casa Jacinto, it is served in the classic manner: first the soup and then the rest of ingredients, known as vuelcos. Its decoration, cosy and with plenty of photos and pictures on the wall, make the place even more charming, as does its location, the central yet quiet Calle de la Bola, a stone’s throw from the Teatro Real and the Palacio de Oriente.

Another good option is Malacatín, a restaurant that used to be a wine shop back in 1895 and that evolved into a traditional-cuisine restaurant that today enjoys well-deserved prestige. With a bullfighting decor, Andalusian style, it has many other dishes on its menu as well as cocido, such as callos, cod with tomato sauce and contemporary innovations such as red tune.

A highlight of its cocido are the vuelcos, served in trays that may surprise some people, definitely not suitable for sensitive vegetarians, since the meat comes almost as whole animals. The quality of the products is excellent, as is the case of the famous chickpeas of Zamora or the chorizo from León.

In the heart of La Latina district, after this huge meal, you can digest the food with a nice walk around its picturesque streets and then go for a nice siesta in the comfortable rooms of our hotel in the Puerta del Sol.

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