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5 things you should not miss during the San Isidro Festival in Madrid

By | 9 May, 2018 | 0 comments

If there is a month that all locals in Madrid look forward to, it’s the month of May. Also, the 2nd, which is the Madrid Community Day, is when the San Isidro Labrador Festival takes place, the city’s patron saint. This year you can enjoy the festival from May 12-15.


Do you know about the origin of this festival? They say that St. Isidro had the gift of easily being able to find water. For this reason, the celebration of this festival revolves around the relationship between the saint and water. In fact, the 15th of May is the festival’s main date, since it is when the pilgrimage to Ermita del Santo takes place, where tradition dictates you should drink water from the spring.

The festival comprises four days full of music, shows and a wide range of activities for all ages. Note down these five traditions if you want to enjoy the festival like a true local:

The Listas, the Tontas and the ones from Santa Clara

No, this is not a Clint Eastwood movie but rather the names of the traditional sweet cake of this festival: the aniseed doughnuts of San Isidro. At Madrid Muy Chic you can find the best places to buy them. No more excuses to not try them.

The San Isidro Meadow

This is where you can enjoy the authentic San Isidro Festival, since it is the final destination of the many people who take part in the pilgrimage to Ermita del Santo. Here, you can enjoy a fun day surrounded by chulapos (people wearing traditional local attire) and music while you try some traditional local cuisine such as the gallinejas (tripe) sandwich.

Dance a chotis or discover the authentic side of Madrid by day…

Carnations and chulapo caps and attire coexist with the city’s most emblematic monuments during these four days. Walk down Calle Preciados all the way to Puerta del Sol and from there head to Plaza Mayor. Along the route, you will come across people spontaneously dancing chotis, so why not go ahead and join them?

And dance at Las Vistillas by night

Las Vistillas is where the big festive atmosphere is, with different shows every day which include concerts, dances with orchestras, etc.

Dancing on the streets, the cherry on the cake

There is nothing more traditional in Madrid than dancing on the streets (verbenas). At Plaza Mayor, you can enjoy many different dances.

If you still haven’t chosen your accommodation, make the most of our offers and enjoy the most traditional festival in Madrid from the heart of the city.

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