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How to enjoy a rainy day in Madrid

By | 9 December, 2019 | 0 comments

If you are coming to Madrid for a weekend and the forecast threatens rain, don’t worry. In this post we suggest some alternatives so you can make the most of your time in the city despite the weather.

 Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Route 1: Habsburg Madrid

Start at Casa de Diego, a hand fan and umbrella shop that is now an integral part of Madrid’s history, right on the Puerta del Sol. Walk then under the arcades of the Plaza Mayor and make a stop at the Chocolatería de San Ginés to get your strength back and try their delicious hot chocolate and churros.

Now you’ve charged your batteries, head towards the Almudena Cathedral. Explore this wonderful building and visit its museum, where you’ll be able to see the city’s patron saints: the Virgin of Almudena and Saint Isidore the Farm Labourer. Then it’s only a short stroll towards the Royal Palace. Although the current monarchs don’t live here, it is still considered the official residence of royalty. Don’t miss the Royal Kitchen, where you can find out everything about the ancient kitchens of royal European households.

Wrap up the tour with dinner or supper at the San Miguel Market, where you’ll find a wide range of gastronomic options. 

Route 2: From La Castellana to Cibeles

Our second route starts at the Santiago Bernabéu football stadium, where you can learn about the history of Real Madrid and see all the awards the club has achieved over the years. Then visit the National Natural Science Museum, the perfect plan if you’re travelling with children, as they will get to see a dinosaur up close. Take a break to eat or shop in the ABC Serrano shopping centre. 

If you’re up for more museums, we have two suggestions: the Wax Museum or the National Archaeology Museum. The former is the better option for children. And now, on to your last stop: walk into Cibeles Palace and relax in its resting room. Lastly, it’s time to hit Cibeles, known for being the favourite place of Real Madrid enthusiasts.

Two routes that won’t get you too wet while exploring and enjoying your time in the Spanish capital. 

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