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Day trip to Patones de Arriba

By | 8 November, 2019 | 0 comments

Exchange the bustle of Madrid for the peace and tranquillity in the unique surroundings of Patones de Arriba, a village and Asset of Cultural Interest in Madrid’s Sierra Norte. It offers a range of hiking and cycling trails, archaeological sites and a quality gastronomy.

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Patones de Arriba was established in the 16th century and its name is taken from one of its founders: Patón. It is located in the Jarama Basin, less than an hour from the capital. Here are some of the activities that are guaranteed to make your day trip to Patones de Arriba a success.

Start at the Church of San José

We start our route at this church and former hermitage with a bell tower constructed from stone and lime. After the Civil War, the building was left badly damaged and abandoned. In 1998, it was renovated to become a CITECO (centre of tourist, educational, cultural and leisure initiatives) and a Tourist Office, where we can find information on the different routes that can be enjoyed over the course of the day. 

Visit the Dehesa de la Oliva archaeological site

From the Tourist Office, we move onto this archaeological site, just five kilometres outside of Patones de Arriba. At this site we can observe the Carpetani-Roman city, where we find the remains of a typical Roman urban centre.

Stop to enjoy the local gastronomy

Patones de Arriba’s cuisine is highlighted by dishes elaborated from local meats, vegetables and legumes. Indulge in a delicious barbecue at La Cabaña, a cold beer and a tasty spinach croquette on the terrace of the Las Eras restaurant, or roasted meat and homemade stews at Lavadero.

Two routes for discovering the municipality

There are two routes around Patones that will introduce you to the history and tradition of the municipality. The first route is called the Ages of Architecture, and it shows us the origins and evolution of the local community with a tour around local traditional architecture. The second route is the Architecture of Food, which passes by wine cellars, ovens, pigsties and other places where food was traditionally produced. 

Patones de Arriba is a municipality that conceals a vast history and it is a fantastic place for a day out.

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