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The best burgers in Barrio de las Letras

By | 2 July, 2016 | 0 comments

Calidad de la carne en Alta Burgersía

There isn’t a good time of year to enjoy a good burger, because all times are good! However, you have to choose a good place to enjoy it. Alta Burgersía (Plaza de Matute, 5), is one of them, a restaurant that offers delicious burgers that will have you licking your lips. Made with organic meat, most of them are made of beef but they also have chicken and salmon ones. Yes, you read it right, salmon. One of its juiciest options is the minced salmon burger with Gouda cheese and herbs.

However, make sure you also try one of its specialities, Trufus Maximums, a monument to burgers. It has two burgers totalling 10.5 oz. made with organic beef and a magical ingredient such as the truffle. Located in a cute little part of town, in the heart of Barrio de Las Letras, Alta Burgersía is very proud of its vast ingredient selection, something which makes choosing a hard task: Gouda cheese, jalapenos, mushrooms, blueberry sauce… Differences lie in small details and, in this case, accompanied by meat of the highest quality. The prices are more than reasonable, approximately 10 euros per burger, which you can accompany with a salad, fries or delicious sweet potato.

Similarly priced is another popular burger bar, Skyline Diner, located in the central Calle San Jesús, 14, (close to the popular Christ of Medinaceli). This New-York-style joint minces its Galician or Angus beef daily and makes burgers of the highest quality with added homemade touches such as foie, caramelized onion or Gorgonzola cheese. They also serve hot dogs, Mexican tacos and stuffed jalapenos that are to die for.

Lastly, without leaving this beautiful district, we recommend that you visit Pecado Carnal (Calle Fúcar, 9), which specialises in Kobe beef, also known as wagyu, which is beef from the Japanese region whose name it carries. Prices are competitive taking into account the high quality of this meat which will melt in your mouth.

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