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Discover the succulent Venezuelan cuisine. You will get hooked!

By | 29 June, 2016 | 0 comments

Compared to Mexican or Brazilian cuisine, Venezuelan cuisine is not as popular in Spain, something which is completely unjustified if we look at its flavours and the quality of its products. Used to spending most of their day on the beach, many of the Venezuelan dishes served in restaurants such as La Cuchara (Calle Conde Peñalver, 82) can be eaten with your hands: fresh and abundant mouthfuls that will definitely make an impression.

The aforementioned La Cuchara, managed by Venezuelans who know their food, is an excellent representative of this country’s cuisine, which is slowly incorporating a more contemporary fusion touch. As a starter, they serve delicious recipes such as patacones with guacamole, deep-fried plantain slices that usually goes with a dip, such as guacamole. Another exquisite dish is arepas, which includes pulled meat and cheese, an element that has a considerable presence in this restaurant, giving it a juicy touch completed by the flavour and presentation of each dish.

Having already tamed our stomachs, we can try dishes like pabellón criollo, which includes pulled meat, white rice, caraotas (a type of kidney bean or frijoles) and tajadas (slices of deep-fried plantain). This dish, despite being small in size, is a flavour and calorie bomb, ideal to share. Another dish to try is chalupa, one of the most popular dishes at the restaurant, made with cachapa (corn fritter), stewed chicken and mano cheese. You will lick your fingers, guaranteed. All of this comes at a very low prices, with starters below 10 euros and mains that cost between 10 and 13 euros, with the added plus that they can be shared.

If you already know a bit about Venezuelan cuisine and are a fan of arepas, Arepa Olé is the place for you. This little restaurant in the centre of Chueca (Calle Pelayo, 2) is ideal to buy food to take away. They serve more than 20 types of arepas and other starters for 4 euros each. Once you discover Venezuelan cuisine you’ll be addicted to its food forever.

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