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The most impressive natural spaces in Madrid

By | 2 July, 2021 | 0 comments

One of the positive things about the pandemic is that it has helped us to get to know our region better. In the last year, we have been able to explore all the corners of the Community of Madrid and discover amazing natural spaces, in this post we have gathered our favourites. Which one is yours?
Purgatorio Waterfalls
Spectacular waterfalls over 10 metres high. To reach them, you have to follow a fairly easy path that starts at the Paular Monastery and is 6 kilometres long. Although the origin of its name is uncertain, it is believed to be due to the proximity of the Carthusian order, located in the monastery for centuries, as its members purged their sins in these impressive waterfalls.
El Atazar Dam
This is the largest dam in the region, located just an hour from the city. It is known as “the sea of Madrid” and even has a small sailing port. What else can we find in this area? The Villar Dam, impressive viewpoints, the Puentes Viejas Reservoir or you can hike on one of the routes that go from El Berrueco to Cervera de Buitrago.
Peñalara Lagoons

These glacial lakes are located in the Peñalara Natural Park, 120 kilometres from the capital of Madrid. The route to reach them is suitable for most people. The Laguna Grande de Peñalara maintains its essence thanks to the conservation measures that are periodically carried out there. It is undoubtedly a sight to behold that is hard to forget.
The Fuenfría Valley
In the centre of the Sierra de Guadarrama, you can see this spectacular valley covered with Scots Pine. The route is about 6.6 kilometres long and along the way you will find two recreational areas, some natural pools, several streams, an old Roman road, a forest track, Los Poetas Lookout Points and the Camilo José Cela Sundial.
If you want to enjoy the open air and a spectacle of nature that will leave you speechless, all you have to do is visit these four natural spaces. Had you already heard about any of them?
*Image extracted from El País.

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