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The tastiest callos in Madrid

By | 9 January, 2019 | 0 comments

Callos is one of the most popular dishes in Madrid’s gastronomy. If you were to ask someone about the most typical local food, they would probably rank it in the top 3 along with cocido and a calamari sandwich. We want to take you to the best restaurants for callos

But not everyone knows what the recipe contains. The main ingredient is beef tripe, along with trotters and snout. This is stewed with garlic, onion, bay leaves, chorizo, black pudding and paprika. We can assure you it tastes much better than it might sound!

La Tasquita de Enfrente

This small restaurant is run by owner Juanjo López, who picked up the baton of the family business and gave it a modern twist while preserving the essence of its distinctive appeal: traditional local cuisine. Naturally, a traditional menu has to include callos, with its deliciously strong flavours including black pudding and Asturian chorizo.


Maldonado, 14

This cosy restaurant is run by Francisco Vicente and Julián Barbolla, the former owners of ‘Las Cuatro Estaciones’. The menu is based on top quality goods and Mediterranean market produce with a creative touch. One of their most popular dishes is the bourgeois callos: neatly sliced white tripe stewed with vegetables, black pudding, chorizo and sautéed garlic, onion, flour and paprika.

El fogón de Trifón

Their callos have earned prize after prize. In fact, this traditional tavern in Madrid run by Jorge Trifón serves a wonderful variety of typical local dishes, including cocido stew, croquettes and ox tail.

La Tasquería

A contemporary tavern where they make wonders out of offal. Captaining the kitchen is Javi Estévez, who became famous as a contestant on the Spanish TV show Top Chef. Popular among his creative dishes is the mini callos casserole with snout trotters. A unique delicacy to surprise your tastebuds.

Particularly tempting on a cold day like today, right? Now you know where the best joints are, the choice is yours! We suggest you take your time to try them all.

*Photo taken from Maldonado, 14

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