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‘Yo fui a EGB’ is Spain’s ultimate nostalgic music tour

By | 18 January, 2019 | 0 comments

If you have ever danced along to the popular hit by Mecano ‘No controles mi forma de vestir porque es total y a todo el mundo gusto’, if you were a keen reader of Zipi and Zape, if you used to watch the Pippi Longstocking cartoons or play ludo with your friends, this is the tour for you! Don’t miss this throwback to one of the happiest, most carefree eras ever. ‘Yo fui a EGB La Gira’ stemmed from an Internet craze and went even further to become a meeting place where music, memories and good vibes come together.


The second edition of this reminiscent event will be taking place on Saturday 26 January inside Madrid’s Wizink Center. What to expect from the tour? Nearly four hours of fun brought to you by over 30 prestigious artists.

The ability to create those good vibes that the organisers keep talking about relies strongly on music. That means there will be a series of outstanding musicians taking to the stage with some of Spain’s top 70’s and 80’s pop-rock hits. This includes performances by Danza Invisible with their famous tune ‘Sabor de amor’; Javier de los Pecos taking us back to the 70’s with ‘Háblame de ti’; Nacha Pop and their well-known ‘La chica de ayer’; Seguridad Social, a Spanish rock icon with their popular hit ‘Chiquilla’; and OBK, the Spanish Techno Pop group to whom we owe the popular ‘Historias de amor’.

The event is bound to be a resounding success directed by comedian Carlos Latre, who you may have seen sitting on the jury of the Spanish celebrity singing TV show ‘Tu cara me suena’. Adding to the concerts by these popular singers and bands will be a series of performances organised as a tribute to films and musicians who have touched our lives, including Queen, Michael Jackson, Grease and Dirty Dancing.

A once-in-a-lifetime event where good vibes and fun are guaranteed. Book your tickets now and don’t miss the special deals we have put together for you on our website – after all, the best way to follow a buzzing event is a good dose of relaxation. Old school rocks!

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