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Not-to-be-missed children’s musicals in Madrid

By | 8 September, 2023 | 0 comments

There is no better plan for the whole family than an afternoon or evening musical, and in Madrid we’re in luck, as there is currently a wide variety of proposals suitable for all audiences and tastes. So if you’re planning to be in Madrid in September, these are the ones you don’t want to miss.


Photo by Stage Entertainment España

Considered one of the best musicals of all time, and having being seen by more than 14 million spectators the world over, Aladdin has arrived this year at the Coliseum theatre in Madrid. This surprising tale of dreams, intrigues and friendship will delight you with the wonderful story of Aladdin and the most famous, and funniest, magician ever.

The stunning scenography co-stars alongside a wealth of incredible special effects, spectacular costume designs featuring more than 2 million Swarovski crystals and exotic fabrics, an electrifying soundtrack, and a cast of more than 140 professionals to offer a magical adventure that can be enjoyed or as little as 25 euros.


The top prize-winning musical at the Teatro Musical 2023 awards opens its second season at the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá in Madrid. One of the most successful musicals on the international scene, it ran for more than 12 years in London, and 4 years on Broadway.  Matilda is a musical full of feeling, emotion and plenty of humour that also features a unique soundtrack that helps make the story spellbinding from beginning to end. More than 11 million spectators have already been entranced by this wonderful performance in which the majority of the fine cast of professionals are children. Are you going to miss out?

The Lion King

This is the most famous musical to be performed in Madrid, with more than 6 million spectators flocking to the Teatro Lope de Vega. The Lion King is simply an exceptional show that fuses the most sophisticated disciplines of African, Western and Asian performing arts. It is also the biggest production ever staged in Spain, featuring a cast of more than 60 performers and a well-known soundtrack. It is one of those musicals that you have to see at least once in your life.

Three different, not-to-be-missed musicals for those with children.

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