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Madrid’s unknown palaces

By | 13 November, 2017 | 0 comments

For many centuries, Madrid was the “capital of the kingdom” and, as such, it has many palaces and stately mansions, the most famous of them all being the Royal Palace, located opposite Plaza de Oriente.

Nevertheless, there are many more palaces than you can imagine in Madrid, some of them as good as the many royal residencies we can find. For this reason, we invite you to discover Madrid’s unknown palaces. Let’s begin!

Altamira Palace
On Calle Flor Alta, 8, you can find Altamira Palace, the home of Istituto Europeo di Design. Declared a National Monument in 1977, this is one of Madrid’s unknown palaces that you can’t miss out on visiting. It is a Baroque masterpiece which is so beautiful that it competes directly in terms of beauty with the Royal Palace. Don’t miss it!

Godoy Palace
This palace was home to former Spanish Prime Minister Manuel Godoy, who held office in the late Seventeenth and early Eighteenth centuries under the reign of King Charles IV. It is located on Plaza de la Marina Española, 9, and it was designed by the famous Francisco Sabatini, the same architect who designed the royal gardens which bear his name. Splendid and sumptuous, this palace will be a delight to all luxury lovers.

Bauer Palace
Malasaña is one of Madrid’s most modern districts. Fun, contemporary and full of people ready to have a good time, it is also home to one of Madrid’s most wonderful hidden palaces. Located on Calle San Bernardo, next to Calle Pez, the palace is currently home to Madrid’s Higher Academy of Singing but it was built in the Eighteenth century by order of the Marquises of Guadalcázar, with luxury and exquisite taste appearing in every corner of it.

Fernán Núñez Palace
This fantastic mid-Eighteenth-century palace was originally the residence of the Advisory Secretary of King Fernando VI and today it is home to the Foundation of Spanish Railways. It is located next to the popular Reina Sofía Museum, more specifically on Calle de Santa Isabel, 44, and you will be amazed at the beauty of its wonderfully preserved halls. A must-see during your trip to Madrid.

Abrantes Palace
If you are a regular visitor to the city centre of Madrid you have probably been to Calle Mayor hundreds of times. Well, on this street you can find Abrantes Palace, which today is the headquarters of the Italian Cultural Institute. If you want to learn Italian, this is the best place to do so.

And since we are on Calle Mayor, keep walking to the end of the street and turn right. That’s where you can find the Royal Palace, which despite being one of the city’s most popular attractions it is still worth visiting time and time again.


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