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Harry Potter lands in Madrid

By | 3 November, 2017 | 0 comments

Nimbus 2000, the Leaky Cauldron, Quidditch… If all of these words mean something to you, then you must be a true fan of the Harry Potter series and if you are, you are in luck because Harry Potter is landing in Madrid! From November 18 to January 28, the magical universe of this literary magician arrives in the Spanish capital with “Harry Potter: The Exhibition

Harry Potter fans will find this fantastic exhibition in Pavilion 10 of IFEMA, which will gather hundreds of items used in the Harry Potter movies as well as different settings which recreate his magical world.

Costumes, props and magical monsters from the marvellous mind of J.K Rowling are assembled together in an exhibition of more than 15,000 ft2 which has already been a huge hit in countries like the Netherlands and cities such as Chicago, Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo, Toronto and Sydney among others.

You can walk around the Gryffindor dorms, study in the potions classroom, extract a mandrake in Herbology class and even enter the creepy Forbidden Forest. Sport lovers will be fascinated by the Quidditch area, where they can make their dreams come true by throwing a quaffle.

Of course, good old Hagrid also has a place in “Harry Potter: The Exhibition” because you will be able to enter his hut and sit on his giant armchair.

Getting to Pavilion 10 of IFEMA is very easy. It is located on Avenida Partenón, 5, and you can comfortably get there on Line 8 of the metro or on buses 112, 122 or 828.

Ticket prices start at 13.90€ but please remember that they do not accept sickles as form of payment 😉

Harry Potter is arriving in Madrid! Don’t waste any time and book your ticket now!

If, however, you cannot wait until November 18th, you can enjoy an advance of the exhibition on the streets of Madrid because until December 10th you can find giant replicas of the Harry Potter world scattered across some of the city’s main landmarks. This way, you can satisfy your desire to fly the Nimbus 2000 on Plaza de Callao or sit at the wheel of the Ford Anglia parked on Plaza de la Independencia. You can also find out which Hogwarts house you belong to with the help of the Sorting Hat in Plaza de Colón or meet Dobby the house-elf in Glorieta de Bilbao.


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