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Towns on the outskirts of Madrid which are ideal for a family day out

By | 14 September, 2018 | 0 comments

Are you planning a trip to Madrid with your children and still don’t know what to do when you get there? Don’t worry, in today’s post we recommend a few charming destinations on the outskirts of the Spanish capital where you can enjoy a fantastic and fun family day out and the children will be the ones who enjoy it the most.


San Sebastián de los Reyes and its city for children

This new concept of children’s leisure is located just 30 minutes away by car from our hotel. It is a city for children aged 4-14 with over 30 themed spaces. Your children will learn values such as effort, independence and road safety through the many activities and games. This city is a lot like a real one, with its own streets, squares, city hall, bank, supermarket and even a TV studio. The young citizens of Micropolix will learn a job to earn Eurix and enjoy the many leisure activities.

Best of all, while they play, you can sit back and relax, since the children are identified with a bracelet and can be located at all times.

The Enchanted Forest of San Martín de Valdeiglesias

This place will enhance your children’s fantasy and imagination. What is it exactly, though? The Enchanted Forest is a botanical garden which is unique in Europe that covers over 6 acres  and is home to over 300 spectacular figures created by the best topiary artists in Europe, 500 plant species from around the world and real and extinct animals and structures such as dinosaurs or a locomotive. Are you ready to enjoy its beauty and magic?

Alcalá de Henares, a literary tour your children will love

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1998, its name means ‘castle on the Henares river’ and it is famous for being the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, Spain’s most important literary figure, famous for having written the world-famous Don Quixote. A holiday in Madrid is the perfect chance to discover the streets of this town and tell the story of the famous nobleman Don Quixote to your children.

Arqueopinto, 5 acres to discover the Stone Age

Located in the municipality of Pinto, just 12 miles from the centre of Madrid, the Gonzalo Arteaga Municipal Archaeological Park, better known as Arqueopinto, is a fun and thrilling way to discover the region’s history. Through remains, reconstructions and educational workshops, you can learn about not just the Stone Age but also the Roman and Visigoth civilisations who lived here.

These are four options that both you and your children will love. Come and discover them all!

*Photo of Micropolix

Texto original pone 25.000 km2. Supongo que se refiere a m2.

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