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Magical book night returns to Madrid

By | 22 April, 2019 | 0 comments

There are books that change our lives because reading transports us to other worlds and places that we can only access by reading such books. Books are magical and hold an important position in our lives, that’s why International Book Day is celebrated every year on 23 April. In Madrid, it’s celebrated on Friday, 26 April with lots of activities. We’ll tell you about the best ones.

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Musical performances

This year will be the 100th year anniversary of Federico García Lorca’s arrival in Madrid. For this reason, most of the activities this year will revolve around this poet. Can the Gypsy Ballads be rapped? It seems so. Two of our country’s most popular rappers, Subze and ZPU, will perform a recital in which they’ll perform a fusion of their own texts with those of Federico García Lorca of Granada.

At 20:00, a concert-recital will also take place during which musicians and poets will share their own creations and those of their favourite writers. Some of the singers that will participate in this event are Nacho Vegas, Amaro Ferreiro, Miguel Gane and Elena Medel.

Children’s storytellers

The youngest in the family can also enjoy three storytellers. The day will begin at 17:30 with ‘The horseman who said No!’ and ‘The lost pup’ with Paula Carbonell. At 18:00, ‘Don’t play today’ and ‘Brócoli’s trip’ with Pilar Serrano will take place. The last one, ‘Big little actions for science’, will take place at 18:40 with Vanesa Camarda.

Family theatre

At 20:15 in Plaza de Pontejos you can participate in poetic karaoke dedicated to Lorca. The show will allow you to recite verses while the music of cellist Iris Juge is playing. A musical, visual and poetic experience aimed at the entire family.


Santiago Auserón, Carmelo Gómez and Martirio—three Federico García Lorca fans—were challenged by the organisers to recreate his talks. They accepted this challenge and you can see the result at three different locations (Ateneo de Madrid, Jardín Botánico and Residencia de Estudiantes).

There’ll be plenty of activities in which you can immerse yourself in the character of one of the best Spanish poets and travel to new worlds to ensure you enjoy a magical night.

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