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Algunos buenos mojitos

By | 29 June, 2015 | 0 comments

mojitoIn summer, you can drink beers, red wine and soda, vermouth… but don’t forget about the mojito! Madrid isn’t Santo Domingo but you can find more and more bars that serve a delicious mojito. One of them is Rincón de la Habana, which reminisces of the legendary Cuban bars that Hemingway write about. Its central location (Calle Reyes, 6, behind Plaza de España) makes it an attractive destination to have a refreshing cocktail, among which we highlight the mojito but where you can also have strawberry daiquiris that are made right in front of you. It’s multicolour tropical decoration will also not leave you indifferent.

Also in a central area but somewhat more pleasant, on Calle de las Huertas, 56, is Elhecho, a small and cosy bar. Outside, they advertise their mojito and daiquiri, which they have been preparing for the last three decades. It is a historical bar in this district where you can have a quiet drink, in midweek if you can, because it gets quite busy during rush hour on weekends. It also has a long menu with gin and tonics, duly advised by the waiters.

In the last few years, Delic, on Costanilla de San Andrés, 14 (La Latina) has become a contender for best mojito in Madrid. Without going into too much analytical depth, the truth is that they offer excellent mojitos and caipirinhas for 8€ each. Furthermore, what also stands out from this bar is its atmosphere, its people, the entertainment and the colonial-style decoration. It is another of these bars that has the problem of too much success, so we recommend that you visit it during quiet times.

And here is one last mojito recommendation, at a place that does not leave any question marks about what its speciality is: El Mojito, a bar on Calle del Olmo, 6, in Lavapiés. Cuban waiters prepare the mojito, which gives it an authentic touch and its low prices are very welcome, considering that prices have risen everywhere. Another authentic place for mojitos is Centro Cubano, in the Salamanca district, or the hipster bar La Huida, on Calle Colón (Malasaña).

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