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Arrocerías con mucho arte

By | 15 April, 2015 | 0 comments

arrocerias madridSome say that you cannot eat a good paella in Madrid, because there is no way you can enjoy this delicious Valencian dish far from the beaches. Proof that this notion is wrong is the existence of restaurants like El Ventorrillo Murciano, in the Antón Martín district (Calle Tres Peces, 20), which offers excellent rice dishes (arroz a banda, arroz negro, rice with Murcian sausage…). It is a popular and busy place with some traditional twists, so it’s worth booking a table in advance, which you can do by calling +34 91 5288309.

Younger and modern is Rice Bar La Bomba, on Calle Augusto Figueroa, 33 (Chueca). It is a relatively new restaurant that uses a unique procedure to cook its rices, using the vacuum technique that shortens cooking times and gives it a unique result. As well as rices, there are famous dishes like the Russian salad, butifarra de Rovira (pork sausage) and Pavlovas for dessert, a dessert made of meringue that has even made some printed media in the Spanish capital.

This restaurant’s success has meant that its owners opened a similar restaurant in North Madrid (Calle Pedro Muguruza, 5), called La Bomba Bistrot; it is a cosy, bright and well-detailed restaurant with a varied menu and excellent rice dishes such as the carabinero shrimp risotto, the duck risotto or one that pays tribute to the Valencian film director Luis García Berlanga. Prices per person are approximately of 20 euros per dish.

We finish this tour in La Paella Real, which, as its name indicates, is devised for paella lovers. Located on Calle de Arrieta, 2, a few yards from the Palacio Real and very close to our hotel in the center of Madrid, the restaurant has its own loyal clientele that highlight its varied rice dishes and proposals such as the tasting menu that, for just 30 euros, includes three starters, a rice dish, a dessert to choose and wine. Its fideuá (the paella’s little sister) also enjoys a good reputation here in this pleasant and well-served atmosphere.

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