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Cine y fotografía social en CaixaForum

By | 15 March, 2015 | 0 comments

Expo CaixaforumThe ‘laCaixa’ FotoPress exhibition reaches its 19th edition, on this occasion reflecting on the role of photography in a world saturated by images. Through ten projects gathered for this exhibition, the visitor can access new ways of understanding the photographic resource and its use to tell us about subjects like identity, violence, life in the slums, etc.

It is about work by photographers, who are not necessarily professional, who have had the supervision of tutors from the Magnum agency, with whom they have elaborated a photo album. It is a step further from photojournalism that will interest all the restless souls, with an option of a guided tour for 3 euros that you can request here.

It is one of the two social-themed exhibitions that can currently be visited at CaixaForum, which is complemented with The Most Important Thing. Portraits of an Escape, which reflects on the drama of refugees in a striking manner. It’s striking in terms of how it touches our hearts so directly by entering the everyday life of thousands of victims from different conflicts who had to abandon their home and their country. What would you take with you?

Wars in Syria, South Sudan, Central African Republic or Mali translate into forced exodus to other countries to escape the violence and the chaos in search for protection nearby. It is a subject that sadly does not seem to go away, which the 24 witnesses portrayed just before their escape by the photojournalist Brian Sokol can vouch for. The exhibition has been organised with the collaboration of UNHCR, the UN refugee agency.

Two temporary exhibitions that shape the programme of this cultural centre this spring, to which it adds an interesting cycle of films that focus on subjects of our most recent history, with posterior debates with journalists such as Nacho Escolar, Arcadi Espada or Jordi Évole. Find out more about the proposed films and buy your ticket.

These are exhibitions that you can easily get to with a short walk from our hotel in the Puerta del Sol or an even shorter metro ride on Line 1, which can also be an intermediate stop in your visit to other more important museums in Madrid located in the same area of Paseo del Prado.

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