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Ghoulish Madrid

By | 31 July, 2020 | 0 comments

Madrid is a vibrant city, always packed with friendly people keen to have a good time. But the capital of Spain also hides many secrets and some ghoulish stories. Take a tour of the most hidden sides of Madrid and discover the stories of ghosts and crimes that lie behind the city that we all know.

Casa de las Siete Chimeneas (House of the Seven Chimneys)

Located at Plaza del Rey number 1, this was the home of Captain Zapata and his wife, Elena, in the sixteenth century. Legend has it that when the Captain died in the Netherlands War of Independence, Elena appeared lifeless in the house, and since then she has been creeping around the chimneys every night.

Church of San Ginés

This church, with a ghoulish history dating back to 1353, is found on Calle Arenal. Back then, an elderly man was inside praying when villains beheaded him. And ever since then, his soul has been prowling around inside the church walls in pursuit of revenge.

Palacio de Linares

This palace brimming with mysteries is found at Paseo de Recoletos 2. Workers involved in its restoration in the 1990s say that they experienced several paranormal events. We now know that a baby girl died shortly after birth as the result of a forbidden marriage between members of the nobility.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor_ok

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

This is now one of the top tourist attractions in Madrid, but it used to be where the Inquisition tortured and executed non-believers. Some of the residents of houses in this plaza swear that at night the screams of the executed can still be heard.

Palacio de Cañete

Right in the heart of Madrid, this palace was the residence of the town governors in the seventeenth century. Legend has it that employees would get a fright every morning on seeing how furniture had changed place overnight. The culprits? A group of mischievous duende goblins who were attracted by a curse placed on the palace.

These five places show us a much more ghoulish Madrid than we currently know. Are these stories true or are they legends? If you dare, you can find out for yourself.

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