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The best Escape Rooms in Madrid

By | 12 March, 2018 | 0 comments

If the shelves in your house are full of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie books or if you are an avid CSI fan and there isn’t a single case which you can’t crack, you are going to love this post because we are going to present the best Escape Rooms in Madrid. Try and escape from the best exit games set in different themes. Follow the clues, decipher the codes and become the best detective in the world!

Fox in a box
In this escape room you can enjoy up to five different missions in two differentiated theme rooms. You will have to choose between solving the enigma in a Third World War bunker or face the zombie apocalypse in a laboratory. Escape in under one hour or you are doomed.

You can find it in two locations: Calle Infantas 25 and Cuesta de Santo Domingo 24.

ParaPark Madrid
The oldest and still one of the best Escape Rooms in Madrid. Open since 2013, it differentiates itself from the rest of exit games because it has no shocks or special effects. The fun lies in pure investigation and the quality of the plot is exceptional. ParaPark Madrid offers two games to its visitors: Experiment Number 5 and Gateway Number 9. If you want to know what they are about, head over to Calle Manzana, 15.

Exit Game Madrid
Head over to Calle Caracas, 15 to reveal the secret of one of the best escape rooms in Madrid. Your missions are varied, from preventing the robbery of art items to avoiding a nuclear conflict as well as stopping the execution of a prisoner. Boredom is not an option! Also, you can decide if you prefer to solve the plot’s mystery in English or Spanish.


Escape Room Madrid
The adventures proposed by Escape Room Madrid are not suitable for beginners. This exit game located on Calle Orense, 4, has risky missions for its beginner adventure seekers. There is an option of elaborating a complex chemical formula in a laboratory, escaping a claustrophobic Egyptian pyramid or disarming the weapons of a terrorist group. On top of it all, Escape Room Madrid allows groups to compete against each other in the same mission. Ideal for professional escape artists!

Now that you know the best Escape Rooms in Madrid, which one will you visit first?


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