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Going out for tapas in Retiro!

By | 21 March, 2018 | 0 comments

Going out for tapas in Madrid is a tradition which is as authentic as eating a plate of cocido on a Sunday, warming up with a nice cup of hot chocolate with churros in winter or treating yourself to a glass of strawberry tree liquor. The districts of La Latina, Las Letras and Justicia are some of the most popular ones for this and you probably already have your own tapas route around these areas. For this reason, we are proposing a tapas route around Retiro, because this popular district also has plenty to offer from a gastronomic point of view. If you don’t believe us, carry on reading.

Taberna Arzábal
Located on Calle Menéndez Pelayo, this culinary temple is one of the main reasons why the tapas route around Retiro has become so popular. The so-called croquetas fluidas here are as good as food can get, as are their Cantabrian anchovies and its delicious Russian salad. Don’t forget to order their magnificent pochas con tórtola (white beans with turtle dove) and accompany it all with the excellent selection of wines and cava on their menu. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

La Catapa and O’Grelo
If you have never been to La Catapa, we are not sure what you are waiting for. They serve delicious square potato and truffle croquettes that will make you cry with joy and a slice of Spanish omelette that could be classed as food of the gods. Whilst on the subject of Spanish omelette, at O’Grelo they make a fantastic one. Cooked in the Betanzos method (runny egg), it is a dish you must try, as is the delicious bonito in brine and the juicy pasties (empanadas) that they serve here and at La Catapa, on Calle Menorca.

Couzapin and Carlos Tartiere
This tapas route in Retiro continues on Calle Menorca until you reach the temptations of Couzapin and Carlos Tartiere, two Asturian restaurants which specialise in strong flavours and serve the best Cabrales cheese in the whole country.

From Calle Menorca to Calle Ibiza
Our tapas route in Retiro now takes us to the bar of Kulto Espacio Gastronómico, where Andalusian fusion tapas have found their place on a menu which includes traditional dishes such as croquettes and more sophisticated ones such as octopus with yucca.

What are you waiting for to discover the tapas route around Retiro? We can guarantee that your taste buds will love it.


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