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A tour of the best Spanish food without leaving Madrid

By | 10 October, 2020 | 0 comments

Spain’s cuisine is among the best in the world. This is confirmed by the thousands of tourists who visit our country every year. In Madrid, we have a chance to explore the best flavours of Spain, and try such popular dishes as callos, paella or delicious pescaíto frito. How would you like to try a culinary tour of Spain, without leaving Madrid?

Socarratt, the best Valencian paella


This new, innovative concept of ‘Valencian food’ is the work of Valencian brothers Jordi and Rafael Ventura. They offer the best Valencian paellas to take away, so you can enjoy them while you’re touring the city. All their paellas are made in-house, using the best Valencian products.  Try their Valencian paella, arroz al senyoret, fideuà or their arroz al horno. A portion costs only around 8 euros, making it an affordable way to enjoy the best Valencian cuisine in Madrid.

Cazorla, a trip to the south of Spain

Decorated with tiles and photographs of the south, entering this bar is like travelling to Andalusia. Taste the best of Andalusian cuisine, both at the bar and in the dining room, with traditional dishes like mojama, assorted seafood and the popular fried dishes chopitos, calamares and adobo. Try their gambas con gabardina, roe in vinaigrette, a traditional gazpacho or a seasoned tomato salad. This bar is the best place to relive the flavours of those unforgettable holidays in the south.

Montes de Galicia, the best octopus in Madrid

In Guindalera lies one of the best Galician restaurants in the city. Montes de Galicia offers a traditional yet avant-garde gastronomic experience, using classic recipes with a  dash of creativity, and the best Galician products. One of their most popular dishes is pulpo a feira: octopus cut into small pieces, seasoned with coarse salt and paprika, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Don’t forget the boiled potatoes to go with it. The large windows and hanging vegetation will make you forget that you’re in the heart of Madrid.

Casa Carola, traditional Madrid stew

Casa Carolan, with its open bar system, is a place to enjoy the best cocido in Madrid. Their cocido menu also includes the traditional vuelcos. First comes the soup, then chickpeas with vegetables, and finally, the meat. You can also start off with some croquettes and a glass of cava and end with a dessert, coffee and a shot, all included in the price.

Four ways to enjoy the best of Spanish cuisine without having to travel hundreds of miles across the country. And for a rest after a good meal, there’s nothing better than a hotel in the heart of Madrid. Come and see the offers we have prepared for you.

*Image taken from Socarratt’s Instagram account.

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