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The light show ‘Naturaleza Encendida’ returns to Madrid

By | 1 November, 2021 | 0 comments

The Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid is illuminated for yet another year to delight us with a unique spectacle of lights and nature. This year’s journey takes us across the ocean to explore remote destinations. Explorium, the name given to this new edition of Naturaleza Encendida, is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a unique outdoor programme.

You can enjoy this light-filled experience from 2 November to 6 January, from Monday to Sunday between 6pm and 10.45pm. As dusk begins to fall, the Real Jardín Botánico becomes a magical place where we embark on a maritime adventure of light and sound.

A journey through 22 different spaces

Along the route, which covers 1.5km, you’ll find up to 22 different spots where you can enjoy a variety of light shows. We’ll begin our journey by diving into the Atlantic Ocean until we reach the ship where the first biologists embarked on a thrilling expedition to the Indies.

Another of the most exciting moments of our expedition is when we plunge into a sea tunnel with high waves until we arrive at a colourful site where we can enjoy the company of corals, seahorses, sea turtles and puffer fish.

No one said our journey would be easy. After the swell we’ll face a dangerous storm. But soon the calm will come, and we’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic spectacle of light and music on the musical tides. And since no seafaring adventure is complete without mythological beings, navigation maps and sea monsters are projected onto the façade of the main building of the Real Jardín Botánico. Our adventure ends with the indispensable Christmas lights display.

New: Botanical expeditions

The main novelty this year is that for only €4 more you’ll have access to an exclusive indoor exhibition showcasing the marvels of the products brought back by the botanists who accompanied the expeditions to America. The exhibition is based on images from the archives of the Real Jardín Botánico.

A night-time event popular with young and old alike, where we’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic spectacle of light, colour and sound for one more year. Hurry up and buy your tickets now! They’re selling out fast.

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